More Apologies…

And apologies for all the apologies!

However, I must make one more. And it’s a biggie, I’m afraid.

A lot has happened since my last really blog. We moved house, which I posted about, and right on the heels of that, I ended up with a job interview. And I do mean literally on the heels of moving – it was on the Tuesday following the weekend we moved house! Simple life? What’s that?

In the midst of all the moving house and interviewing for a new job, we also had a birthday, a new birth, a Photomarathon (highly recommend doing the Photomarathon if you like photography or even just like having a jolly good day out in Cardiff!), and a hundred other things. It was like life was put on fast forward and everything was chasing each other to get our attention!

And then, I got the new job. I started on Monday, and I love it already, I’m so pleased to have been given the opportunity. However, it is a full time office job, and this sadly means I will no longer be able to do a weekly Wednesday bake ‘n’ blog. I’m still going to bake when I can, but I can’t promise I will always be able to blog about my bakes. I want to when I can, but it won’t be every week any more, and I can’t say with any certainty how frequent it would be either.

I may only have been writing this blog since January, but it’s been a wonderful experience. And I really do hope I can continue with the experience once I’m into a bit more of a routine with my new job, because I find real joy in both the making and the writing.

So, what I mean to say is – I hope any readers who are still out there will continue to read whenever I can update. Subscribe, or you can like my Facebook page to keep in touch. If nothing else, when Great British Bake Off airs this year I will be posting like mad! This is not a goodbye – just a TTFN! I love cake too much to give up baking, trust me!

Happy baking, dear friends.


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