Some of my fondest childhood memories are of baking with my Mother. Particularly the part where she let me lick the spoon. True, as a young child, I probably hindered more than helped, but that sense of fun and excitement has stuck with me over the years. Even more so, the utter joy she would bring to me, my brothers, and our friends when she brought out our birthday cakes, always beautifully decorated and delicious to boot, is a priceless memory for me.

A few years ago, finally living in a place with a kitchen to call my own, I picked up my wooden spoon and started to bake again. With there just being the two of us (myself and my husband, although he was just my boyfriend at the time), cupcakes were easier to make and kept better than a whole cake would. I soon caught the baking bug in earnest, and started to collect recipe books, as well as scouring the internet for new ideas. I even recovered my old “My First Baking” book from the attic at my parent’s house, and some of the recipes from that book are still among my favourites to bake and eat!

I like to create a lot of different bakes when I can. In the past, I have made some cakes that have been downright geek-tastic – Zombie cupcakes on Halloween, or Avengers themed biscuits, for example. Some of my bakes are just quirky, like my Oreo cupcakes, or the Bonfire ones. And sometimes I go really girly, with flowers and sprinkles and everything pretty.

I began posting pictures of my bakes on Facebook. Friends would ask me for the recipes, or sometimes even ask me to make cakes for them. It spurred me on to find new bakes each week, and to decorate them in new ways. Most of the time, the recipes I use are from books, or from the internet, but sometimes I will create my own – luckily, I have yet to create anything disastrous, so fingers crossed my luck will continue!

I hope that this blog will be the source of inspiration for other amateur bakers. I do not claim to be a baking genius – I simply bake for the joy it brings me, and I wish to document and share that joy so that others can experience it too.


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