So, just who on earth are you anyway?

Hi there! My name is Samantha – but most people call me Sam. I live in a small town in the West Midlands with my husband, who I force-feed all of my cakes.

Okay, great! But what are you doing?

Well, most of that question can be answered by reading the “about” page here. If you mean what am I doing in life? Then who knows! But I’ll have some darned awesome cakes to take with me when I do find some dreams to follow!

Fair enough! So where do you get all those recipes?

All over the place really. I have a lot of great cook books that have been invaluable – if I use a recipe from a particular book, I will always reference it in the post. The same with recipes I find online.

Some recipes are of my own creation – those ones will be tagged as such.

Awesome! Can I use them?

Of course! I actively encourage it! But if you use one of my own recipes and then post about it somewhere, just throw in a little reference or, even better, a link back to my blog. If you don’t, a fairy loses its wings.

The same with any pictures I post, if you use them elsewhere, please just give me a sprinkling of credit 🙂

No problem. One more thing – where did you get that great background?

From a lovely lady on Etsy called Mia – she has some beautiful cliparts and digital papers. Her shop is here.


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